This is a quote from a person on a YT video @ITSTHISEASY, and I found this information very helpful from a person with 30 years experience with fires! I was blown away reading this and this is very informative!

"In watching this video you mention that you saw a large black plume of smoke at 10am. The gentleman with you doing the video said that the fire was out according to his friends and confirmed at 9am. Again, as a firefighter for 30 years I know everything there is about smoke. The colors mean everything to us when we are arriving on scene and even enroute if we can see. Black smoke is from hydrocarbons burning. This cannot be caused by wood or grass or paper. Examples of hydrocarbons would be plastics, rubber from tires, gasoline, oils, furniture made of plastics etc. So this is important information. If your friend says the fire was out completely after standing on scene for 4 to 5 hours after then there would be no reason for the black smoke. This is unless hydrocarbons were part of the second fire. If there was no car on fire, or house, and nothing else in the area then something is wrong with this picture.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is factual science and experience of over 30 years. Why we study smoke is so we know what stage the fire may be in and how best to attack it. Heading to a fire with white smoke usually is a brush fire or a fire in the incipient phase of the fire. Black smoke is usually heavily involved and we know hydrocarbons are being released. Brownish smoke is usually the fire starving for oxygen which means we need to vent the roof prior to entry because this could cause a backdraft as soon as we gain entry without a place for the smoke to go.

All of these things are factual and help keep us safe and understand what the best method of attack should be. I was a fire Lieutenant and it was my job to pay close attention to these things at all fires. But we are all trained including fire privates because it is all our responsibility to watch for warning signs of smoke and heat changes. So this information should prove to be invaluable in this investigation. If nobody is even considering arson yet then its a total shame.

I was also a Fire Investigator/ Inspector for my department. All fires are deemed arson until proven otherwise. There should be investigators investigating the scene of the fire. It would be easy to locate the origin of the fire. All fires burn in a V pattern. Go back to the source and test for hydrocarbons in the soil or look for the source of ignition. Fires do not just happen without an ignition source. An arching fire could happen from a downed power line for sure as this gentleman stated. The only source of hydrocarbons would come from the lines themselves but not generate the amount of smoke you are describing. And even a transformer fire would not produce the large plume of black smoke you are describing. So in my professional opinion, something else was burning there.

Here is an example of a transformer fire. If the plume of black smoke was larger than this then I would say something else was burning and the cause of the fire. I pray they are investigating the source of the fire and not cleaning up any evidence. "


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WOW, another day of Clif audios! Clif, I always love your audios!

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Patents are the smoking guns for sure.

Just like the SOLID work of David Martin and the "V" and the "v" and fuckstick Fauci and his doomed ilk.

Sad for all these talking heads and familiar "celebrity" targets. They make HUGE targets.

"O" on Maui? She's FUCKED. Too much attention already. Will draw connection to Obama stronger.

If her place is still in Telluride, we'll go burn it down. A CONTROLLED burn.

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I will not wear it on my face

I will not wear it any place

I will not wear it to get in

I will not wear it on my chin

I will not wear it on my ear

I will not wear it out of fear

I will not wear your stupid mask

I will not wear it DO NOT ASK!

I didn't write it, just sharing it. My poetic skills run more to "shove your vaxx up your... umm... mask!. I suppose it works both ways...

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I agree whole heartedly. GRIEF will cause those dying or lost someone to the bioweapon "vaccines" , childhood, flu,"covid" vaccines start killing those that killed them or their loved ones. i'm surprised all those politicians, civil servants in the water dept, police, governor, etc in Maui haven't been strung up from the closest tree, or those mansions that didn't burn are still standing. What did they call those people during WWll that fought the nazis and the Italian Mussolini ..."Underground" fighters?

VENGEANCE has only one rule...kill those that caused the problem. Normally people have no wish to break the law, but when they realize they have an enemy that has NO problem with breaking any law, be it a moral law or a man made society type law. Someone who would never run a stop sign...is now considering How to Kill...

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I always thought one of the ways to make the world better would be to put Gates on a plane, give the pilot $2 million and a parachute.

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how long b4 some manpad/SAMs get into the hands of every day americans and these dews or chemtrail planes are shotdown?

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Why do you suppose they used DEWs instead of just paying some thugs to go around setting fires? It doesn't make sense. Were they just testing out their skill on piking targets this time? It sure looks like they can burn down single homes any where they like! Will they be using that against the rest of us soon? Pretending of course that the fires were natural or set by us? Is that why they want to get rid of our gas stoves, water heaters etc.?

What they did was HORRIFIC! And the way they blocked in the humans they wanted to kill was even more horrific. Did any one finally find all the children that were missing from the 'fires'? OR were they just abducted by the PEDO rings to be used in Rituals elsewhere? Maybe in the massive elite Mansions on the islands?

I'm sure they'll say their died in the 'wild fire'. These people are the epidemy of EVIL.

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Hello humans

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They have to be lucky every time - we just have to be lucky once

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Applicants to be Bill gates cook will be a mile long

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Just an interesting note that during this DEW event there were also straight line winds occurring due to the nearby hurricane. As Clif stated, any particulates in the air would cause beam scattering and power reduction to a certain degree. Having the wind blow away and clear the particulates was most important so the beam could do its job without being scattered and reduced in power.

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The webbot hit Clif is referring to.

Page 23 - January, 2016

"These new aspect/attribute sets are describing a situation in which 'rising waters', as well as 'extreme storms' will be used by TPTB to 'force' a 'large population resettlement'. While the data shows a number of years involved within the totality of the process, the focus is on 2016 as the 'beginning' of the 'effort'. Underlying this 'relocation and rescue plan' will be a 'discussed desire' by TPTB to 'take over' the 'lush islands' for themselves. Repeated instances of this meme will surface in 2016, especially the first half of the year, as TPTB begin to 'make desperate moves'. {Ed note: alternative would be 'to make moves out of desperation'}.

The 'relocation and rescue plan' is described as 'absolutely chaotic' in its impact on both the 'affected populations', and the 'global markets infrastructure'. Over the course of time, the 'actions' taken by the 'respondents (those humans living on the islands will be designated 'respondents' for some reason by TPTB)' will include 'kidnap', and 'murder', and 'assassination' of both 'TPTB' and 'officialdom personnel (sent to carry out the expulsion orders)'.

A number of new words and phrases are expected to emerge from the 'oceania' confrontation with TPTB. These are merely noted as it would take too much time to detail these at this point."

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Thank you Cliff for the explanation of exactly what happened in Maui.

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Like your ideas for the end of the fxcktards.

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manifest this....... 600 silver.....cmon you know you want to.......

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