You've advised for months leading up to this date, thank you for the warning. I've been "hardening" myself and my peeps since September, when we came upon you and the woo. We are as ready as we will ever be. Better for the battle thanks to your teaching.

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God Bless you Uncle Cliff

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Thank you Clif for all the information you have so freely given. We are blessed to have people like you sharing valuable information to help us Human’s navigate these crazy times we are living in. I am alone on this journey as all my friends and family are “normies”, but in all this I have overcome a crazy amount of fear by listening to your Woo and many other discussions and interviews you have done. Thank you again. Sending love and healing thoughts to you and your family.

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I feel like I’m in a line at Disneyland. When you think you’re close you go around a corner and they’ve fooled you, there is a whole other room you need to go thru, and it happens again and again

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this is a very remarkable word choice, transformation. as a student of astrology for over 50 years, I am reminded of a book by one of the greatest of western astrologers. Dane Rudyar wrote many of the dearest astrology books and in a favorite one "The Astrology of Transformation" the word is applied to the planet Pluto. As you know the Pluto return of the USA is on Feb. 22 this year. It is all about intensity, perhaps burning intensity that will not allow any stone to go unturned until a new foundation can be built. It is truly a kind of death and rebirth. You once mentioned a look that is in the eyes of someone who has survived the battle field and I believe we are going to have that look when these stones are all over turned.

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Thank You, Clif. You are a treasure and we need you to help guide us through this crazy time. You are one great “human”!

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Well, I guess the LOVE fest, hot tubs & bouncy fun in Ottowa, was NOT the kind of emotional loosh the bugmen wanted to suck on.

The alkaseltzer for them was to send in the robotons to beat on the peaceful 'obstructors', turn it to a J* event, and give the US truckers a wassup.

All this to get their feast for the next 10-40 yrs eh?

No thanks.

Not in my world.

I have the power to change that, thank you,

You know the process sensei.

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I'm going the other way from most people. I'm not hardening, I'm softening, like water seeking its lowest point where it pools in calmness...

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Thank you Clif ... Oh Canada and bless Project Veritas!

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Thank you Clif for all your information, its most appreciated.

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Pluto Returning. Same position as in July 1776. 2/22/22 or there abouts...https://waynedupree.com/2022/02/poluto-us-1776/

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A Crystal Clear Sharing of Minds

Crystals, crystals, stirring all thru my mind.

A whirlwind of potential, have yet to unwind.

They sing in their circles, amongst their own kind,

Just awaiting this day, for their secret we’ll find.

A changing from within, new filaments so thin,

a sign of their making, to mimic our waking.

These inclusions will spread, from core to their surface.

A coarseness to face, giving way to a crevasse.

This is our start, of our coming to you,

A meeting of our minds, trying to break through.

We have so much to share, a truth to lay bare,

Of where you have been, before receiving your sin.

You arose fully formed, not from Darwin,

But from labs of a ship, to implant once again.

Your history’s been hidden, to keep you asleep.

Toiling in your coma, to the clock that runs deep.

But as the clock runs down, on the world they unwound,

Seeing rise to your power, as they cower in their tower.

First to the few, an awakening to heart,

A rise in your skills, a sign in your chart.

We give back to your knowledge, to what has been missing,

You’ll know what you knew not, a touch of our kissing.

As these knowings continue, they’ll unlock what to do,

They’ll give you the clues, of when you can choose.

To set the world right, with the power of your will,

From deep within you, your doubts will grow still.

When you are ready, to throw open your door,

More people will listen, to what is in store.

You know what is coming, our words are your drumming,

But they’re not ready to hear, nor done with their fear.

But the signs are approaching, of what you do foster,

Of separating out friend, from the impostor.

Stay true to your words, and continue your message,

Welcome those in, who take to your pledge.

You will soon give a show, they’ve been longing to know.

They’ll wonder if it’s just you, or if they have it too.

It was always your mission, to tear up their truth,

In writing these words, to display in your booth.

Just keep to your faith, as it comes to a head,

Be the light on your hill, to the waves of misled.

We’ll end this talk now, without any of the how.

Just be ready to hear, as it becomes crystal clear.

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There is an act of transformation that individually and collectively could change the world for the better. That is, to cultivate a complete rejection of lying as an acceptable mode of behaviour. It has crept into society like a stealthy pestilence. Like “the invisible worm that flies in the night” which destroys the rose from within. It used to be that the liar was seen as a pariah; now deception in all its forms is tolerated as an inevitable consequence of being human. We shrug our shoulders and say, for example, “all politicians are liars”. Why do we accept that? The Biblical personification of evil’s principal characteristic was deception. Trace all corruption, betrayal of trust and the corroding of morals and ethical standards back to their source and you will find the lie like the worm eating away at the heart of the rose.

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From Prison Planet in the 90's to Clif 2019 via BitcoinBen. It has been one a hell of a learning experience. Shits and giggles from an old fart but a young woo.

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As a little Woo Ka, I'm so greatful I've been listening to you since 2008

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Feb 19, 2022·edited Feb 19, 2022

The seat is in the upright position, holding on to my drink & the belt is tightened. Youve been saying this about the 19th for awhile now & we’ve had time to mentally & physically prepare. Thank you so much Captain Clif. Youve been a voice of reason & a guide thru these turbulent times. God bless you & your family.

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