Fascinating. Seems at least part of Clif High's purpose here may be to accelerate our understanding of all that was lost to us during the Kali Yuga. Very grateful that Universe provided CH to humanity, and guided me to his work- on so many subjects!. Like that guy w/the comments comparing him to coffee interruptus, a day without Clif & his insights is a day that could have been MUCH better.

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We can use Sunlight to bioharmonize and create powerful healing via melanin indeed. Pre-load on IR light so that you can absorb maximum UV for hormone regulation.

Here's my recipe:


We are more powerful than we know.

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Excellent Clif.

Pantangali wrote about powers such as intuition, being able to fly while in the body, walking on water, disappearing, having incredible strength etc. etc. The Vedas speak about this. I would think that a developed mind could fly a machine.

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Great article! Another consideration, besides assuming everything is from negative alien influence, is that these "aliens" are not actually from other planets - which is really what that term references. Rather, and this is more than just a theory, these are past races (Human or human-like) that fall off the evolutionary cycle because of their dark and demented natures. These past human races became trapped in the lower 4th dimension because they could no longer incarnate bodies. Their impulse is still there and it is what is influencing humans on Earth NOW.

They are trying to get back into the evolutionary track by using us as their gateway, to build their technology, so they can enter our plane from the chaotic hell realm of the lower 4th dimension (astral realm). This is where AI and all that population control tech is being sourced from. The earth is now ascending into its next cycle, which means the 4th dimension is ascending with it. In that realm, it means the light is coming down and will annihilate that lower hell realm of degenerates. So they are DESPARATE to merge with us / create cyborgs & AI tech that they can incarnate into and avoid their destruction in the astral plane.

As Earth moves closer to the center of the milky way, the vibrational frequency increases in the astral plane, our sun's intensity increases on our plane. This is why they are trying to block out the sun. The sun is like a conduit of spiritual energy and we as a species are also beginning to evolve. They need to prevent the population from waking up at the same time they need to come onto Earth. The one's that are here already (reptilians but seen as human - they are the elite blood lines from antiquity) will soon be visible as the vibrational changes in the earth causes there shapeshifting vibrational affects to become impaired. This is why they are ramping up the alien threat - these are the ancient Lumurian races that did not make the cut and died out before the evolved out of their reptilian genetics. They got in during Atlantis, and after the great floods, some survived and lingered. Now with Cern and other dark magic that us humans are using, they are flooding in again and everything is on the table for them because its their eternal destruction that is approaching. ALL THIS WE ARE SEEING ON THE EARTH IS AN ACT OF DESPARATION. WE ONLY NEED TO STAY THE COURSE AND NOT ACQUIESCE TO THE AGENDAS THEY ARE PUSHING. ONCE WE CAN SEE THEM, WE CAN DESTROY THEM WHILE THEY ARE IN THE FLESH.

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Thanks Clif_. Now heres a thing......... I got me speculating if the Elohim used humans as biochauffeurs does that mean that they didn’t have the capacity for interfacing or they were deficient or that they were just shit drivers. I have never spoken to an ant or hornet but these traits appear to be linear and insectoid. My guess is that these dragonflies got here by hijacking the technology from another race? and needed slaves to operate the craft. Thank goodness it wasn’t canoes or we could have ended up paddle less

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Ah - the universe strikes me in spades today. I few weeks back, I was noodling through Jack Kruse's work on Mitochondria. For those of you not acquainted, Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon by trade, but his real interest is enhancing mitochondria function. There are lots of videos of him speaking on YouTube - you may want to access his fairly recent interview with Dr. Andrew Huberman. The video goes into Melanin and how it works within the body. It's complex but Dr. Jack really nails the connections between human beings and light - way too much material to discuss here, but Cliff gives a good summary of it in this post. Here are some takeaways - don't be afraid of the sun. Avoid sunscreen and sun glasses (although depending on the individual, they may have to limit sun exposure to low UV hours). The interaction between Melanin and natural light is the most powerful force enervating the mitochondria. Get to know your local sun.

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The most lightly pigmented (European, Chinese and Mexican) skin types have approximately half as much epidermal melanin as the most darkly pigmented (African and Indian) skin types. However, the composition of melanin in these lighter skin types is comparatively more enriched with lightly coloured, alkali-soluble melanin components (up to three-fold). Maybe the alkali-soluble melanin was important to "drive". There must be something about us whites the Elohim couldn't find in the other races. Am I on to something? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11936268/

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Excellent! This will add a very exciting field of study to the burgeoning "sci-fi world." I can easily imagine more and more groups of people discussing and investigating this information leading to much wider fields of study. Good! Let's bring back some power to humanity, we've been in the dark for too long.

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Clif, is there a current run down of the known Aliens that are relevant to the ongoing conversation and the known parts they have played in earth humanities history.

In my own check list, pulling from the information you and a few others have talked about

There are the Nommo - Fish like people - They are genetic engineers, and are curious about Humanities development. They probably had a hand in the development of earth humanity as a whole. They seem to be benevolent.

There are the Elohim - Lots of information being discussed. They seem to be, as a whole, the invaders and have been responsible for creating the conditions of a lot of the fuckery that has occurred and control systems that are currently in play. Along with there being a middle management (Karzarian Mafia, and other similar groups). Over all seem to be real assholes

There are the Rishi - Red headed people - They seem to be a group that came form the north and were passing on information to humanity. Guessing the information was to help give humanity a boost forward in their evolution. They seem benevolent. - You have mentioned this group a little bit in our videos and substack..

As a side note: Has there been any breaking down of the information from the Slavic Vedas, that has come out yet.

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We got the first snow today in north of Sweden!

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Was celebrating some Paul Reubens recently and happened upon a Family Feud clip where the question was "things you hope not to hear a pilot say during flight" or "something".

He finished it up with "LOST" which was awesome and obvious after the rest.

I added "jabbed" in the comments.

Good times! Great oldies!

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I am glad we didn't lose Clif.

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This is fascinating about vimanas ! I first read about them 50 years ago in the epic poems from India....this is literally blowing my mind ! ! ! : )

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Hey Clif. where do you get your chaga? thanks!

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Hi Clif

Thank you!

Copper is ESSENTIAL in melanin production. A few weeks ago, you were coaching a person that copper was somehow 'dangerous' in high amounts and to be sure to take it with zinc which chelates our dreadfully low copper intake/levels.

The lore about copper leads me to believe the aliens don't like the taste of it because they have brainwashed us about it for over 200 years. One of the highest rated vitamin brands puts ZERO copper in their "Pre-Natal Vitamins".

COPPER IS GOOD, COPPER IS GREAT, COPPER SHOULD BE THE MOST VALUED COMMODITY ON THE PLANET because of its role in the human body. Copper is the ONLY thing outside of blood-letting that gets rid of the enormous amounts of IRON in our blood. Iron rusts in our body which is why the enemy has been putting 500 times the safe amounts per serving in breakfast cereal and everything else for over 40 years. They make our food with iron which kills us over time when we don't have enough copper.

Everything they have told us about in mainstream medicine or fake medicine...yeah, like the news...is wrong.

During the Covid Plandemic, many of us poisoned ourselves with Zinc, which created epidemically low levels of copper in all of us. In this case, we were being further slowly poisoned by excess iron. When we consider this with the misuse of "magnetism" and the misuse of "microwave energy" (like a spoon in the microwave) it's frightening.

The only way to decrease iron in our bodies is to stop eating it, take more copper and to donate blood or use some other blood-letting technique, like cupping. These are not new concepts, just hidden and underappreciated until now.

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