Cliff - similar to your background, I’ve spent nearly 40 years as a software engineer and architect. I’m an amateur student of Philosophy, History, Economics, and martial arts. Unlike you, I have never died, but instead I should have died or been killed more times than I can remember. It’s as if in spite of my own recklessness, I was not meant to die. Yet, most of my family and friends have been cut down. I never thought much about what happens after death. Then, after 27 years of bliss, I lost the love of my life to colon cancer. She was my soul mate - there is no other way I can describe it. After several years of research, I came to believe in the Primacy of Consciousness (that others like Rand so vehemently denied), and that our Consciousness or Soul survives this material death. Somewhere in my journey, for some unremembered reason, I watched a video posted by cliff_high, and I’ve been watching ever since. My main goal in life is to be reunited with my soul mate in death. Until then, I intend to be the most moral non-compliant anti-state independent open-minded asshole on Earth and keep watching your videos. Keep posting, brother. I’m with ya.

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I drove off a mountain in calf creek Wyoming and had someone catch the truck. Once back on the road and full of adrenaline I heard a voice say “it’s not your time, I have a purpose for you. I was 18 at the time. I’m 59 now

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You're a good man, sir. I and I'm sure many others are glad you're here. We're navigating a unique moment in time and not all of us will be here for the whole show... but, because we have you to describe what is happening and why, we have a real chance to survive the Big Ugly and play a role in rebuilding a better world.

Thank you.

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I held my father's hand as he left this past August, and watched as he was pointing to - something - located on (?) the ceiling. His eyes, which had been filmy and dull and just plain gone FLEW open wide and he was totally here, totally in his mind - all his intelligence and awareness was in absolute awe at whatever he saw. He looked at me as if to say: Can you believe this??! And then he left. I wish I knew what it looked like ... it will likely be a long time for me, God willing. Was it a portal? An "angel"? His mother? My heart tells me 'crazy looking portal', but who the fuck knows?

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I'm glad you are still here, Clif; I've learned a huge amount from you. I believe that God keeps folks here on this Earth Plain for a reason so maybe educating those of us who didn't have a clue about the things we've learned from you is one of the reasons He felt you still had more to do! I'm grateful for you still being here. Thanks for all that you do, Clif.

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Happy You Didn't Stay There.

We Need You Hear !

Graci' Mr. clif.

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Where can We learn more about your 3 experiences?

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I've only had 1.

I blame the drug Fentanyl. Simple Cataract surgery... IV drip.

When I woke up in my recovery bed... I was a bit out of it, but fully conscious.

They asked me to get up and move over to the chair... I did... and sat down.

About 3 minutes afterwords, I remember feeling that change in your body (if you have ever passed out you know that feeling) that I was about to pass out. Have you ever passed out?

If not... everything goes black and then you wake up. You find yourself looking around wondering... WTF just happened, but then your mind recalls the "passing out" that brought you to your current sate of awake. Exactly what has happened to me when I have passed out before this event.

This time was very different. I remember getting to the point where I go black... but, instead of passing out, I fell through it... I fell to another state of consciousness.

I became Instantly confused because I was fully aware that my body had just passed out... a feeling that I understood. I knew the process, I knew that I would go black and then wake up.

The problem, the conflict, was that I fell into another place, I was fully conscious that I was in another place. In other words I knew that I had passed out... I left my current state... I was aware that I passed out. Instantly I become confused, conflicted really, that I was still conscious to the fact that I was not PASSED OUT.

I found myself trying to understand what happened and then my vision changed to a completely different horizon > a giant wide plane. Almost like I was on another planet if you will. Fully conscious BUT wide awake that I just passed out in the hospital... it was really messing with me.

I was actually in a new place. Imagine, a wide desert plain... wide horizon... then space as the sky, except the sky was space with stars and everything. Very strange. But that was what I saw.

I looked around and was drawn to a shape, a building, a structure... I don't know what it was.

Even to this day, it was off to the left. No idea what it was, but it was the reason... if that makes sense.

I don't know if I was on a planet or in another dimension...

But imagine, you are conscious... with the fact that you know what happens when you pass out... and this is not what happens. You are now in a very strange place, you become aware that you are in a very strange place!!!

> here's the kicker.

WARMTH > immense warmth is what I felt.

I was not scared, even after being startled by my current reality.

I did not have the traditional out of body looking down experience...

> But I did have an experience that has changed me forever.

I awoke to the slapping of my face, rustling of my body and the pushing on my chest.

It turns out I was being rushed to Emergency, my heart had stopped.

For the next month I wore a Heart Monitor > they did not find any issues to explain what happened to me. However, it was a profound experience that has made me look at life much different than before.

Thank you for letting me share this here... and thank you Clif for YOU being YOU.

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We Sufi mystics say that the death experience is tailored to the individual soul and is perceived uniquely though their Eye of Imagination. The Robin Williams movie "What Dreams May Come" is a good reflection of the afterlife in the Sufi paradigm.

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Glad to have you back Clif. Even if you don't want to return your videos and writings are helping many navigate these wild times.

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Would really like to know what you experienced...please share or direct me to a link if you already have. I have been pondering the transition for some time now.

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It’s not always spoken but birthing is a near death experience. I did it four times, each completely different. Our lack of communication and culture leave this in the shadows as women are left. Total right of passage that has been left neglected. So much to relearn.

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I died once when I was a child (7-8 years old maybe). We were not church goers then and I would say I had no expectations. My experience was similar to one of your experiences.

The story:

We were at our babysitter’s house (lived across the sidewalk from our apartment) and our family had been invited over for breakfast. I scraped my elbow/arm playing handball in the alley while we were waiting for breakfast. I went inside to get help. My babysitter took me into their bathroom and proceeded to put Mecurichrome (red liquid stuff) on my injury. I passed out. I remember hearing my babysitter call my dad’s name to come help. I remember my babysitter saying something about me not breathing and the feeling of being carried. The next thing I know, I am floating above the room looking at myself on the couch and my dad trying to resuscitate me. It was peaceful. There was no bright light. Next thing I know, I am waking up on the couch and my dad exhaling. My dad took me to the hospital to get me checked out and they couldn’t find anything wrong so sent me home.

I now pray that when my time comes, it is as peaceful as it was then. A pastor once said “I don’t fear death. I fear getting dead.”

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Dying doesn’t bother me. The thought of coming back here again, however…

I’ve put in a request for another planet or realm. Perhaps one of those I visit in dreams. I’ve had conscious waking moments of my most recent life in this one, and was born knowing I have a purpose here. What, though…? Perhaps only to be alive in this space and time to bear witness?

In my early 20s, I had an OBE when I awakened to three light beings communicating to me (without ‘words’) to come play with them. I found myself with my ‘nose’ against the ceiling and panicked. I immediately slammed back into my body wherein I found myself momentarily paralyzed.

Another time following anaesthesia (what they gave me, I do not know, but I could not breathe). When I came to in the recovery room, I said to the nurse ‘I don’t think I’m supposed to be here.’ And, yet, I am.

I saw my mother in a dream at the end of 2020, two weeks after she’d passed. Our relationship in life was a struggle, to say the least. When I met her again, she was beautiful and vibrant. Glowing almost, strong and young again, almost unrecognizable, but some similarities as to she who was young in life. Without all the emotional garbage from her own life experience. Pure. No words spoken, but forgiveness was felt both ways, as well as immense love.

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When my young brother died he changed the composition of a wall in our house to a a mirage like appearance. His energy slammed into my mother and rushed through her then visited my other brother with a vision before turning and looking behind him to light and reassuring him everything would be ok with both hands up then disappeared with the light. I don’t care what people think this world is - it ain’t anything most of them comprehend even with a supernatural experience.

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"NDE" or a forced OBE is just the bitch slap of getting a larger "spiritual" perspective.

Psychedelics can do it. Especially threshold doses.

Really enjoying Ken Wilber and The Leading Edge of the Unknown in the Human Being from Science and Nonduality on YouTube. Taking notes, even.

Talks about spiritual intelligence versus maturity. Growing up AND waking up.

Without BOTH, an individual is developmentally disabled. Arrested development.

Time to grow up, people.


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