I agree that they have no plans post-global control. All their predictive modeling in books and movies has no "what happens after." Their stories simple end with the conquest. When I ask my normie friends--how can the heroes survive in the wilderness (of freedom) without any applicable skills? They simply stare at me. Or when I ask, how do they rebuild society after? Matching stares. Currently, "happily ever after" is no more than falling off a narrative cliff. It is clear they don't care about the "what then"? And sequels often are nothing more than sledge hammers used to beat in another nail on the same theme. Clearly, this is bad fiction but they believe it is very good propaganda. Asking some pointed questions, as Cliff does here, is well worth doing. And one day we might even start to get some responses. lol Happy Thanksgiving!

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Interesting thought process! You took it from "Med Beds" to the "evil doers in a short journey. I am to the point where I seriously don't know what to believe any more. These are certainly interesting times though. It is almost like we have all jumped off a very high cliff and some are worried about hitting the ground, some are pissed at the people that pushed us, and a few of us are admiring the view from up here. Happy thanksgiving to all

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Happy Turkey day Woo Crew! Take some time for yourself today, get some fresh air and maybe a long walk with the doggos! Stay safe out there! Love you guys!

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What if the El is coming to remove them and not to reward them for the "great work" they performed during the past 2000 years ? Perhaps the reason for black budgets is because they are preparing to fight the El . It will not work.

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Nov 23, 2023·edited Nov 23, 2023

Happy Turkey Day, Clif! I hope you and your wife are successful in finding a new home soon. Again, I agree with 99% of what you say and write. I never bought into the "med-beds." The KM is operating at warp speed to destroy things for most people. IMHO, it stems from their belief the most people are evil and intent on harming the KM. Cute little bastards never hurt a living soul, right? If my interactions, brief but intense, with Martine Rothblatt and Ray Kurzweil are any indication, they believe in transhumanism to the extent that Christians believe in heaven. Their uploaded consciousness will live for eternity in a computer up until their consciousness can be re-united with their restored bodies. I call them out on their B.S. People live longer then computers, so bullsh*t. And there is an alternative outlined in my book: Conscious Matrix--that a scientifically plausible rendition of God exists, and this rendition is congruent with Christianity (as interpreted by generations of scholars), Judaism (as interpreted), and conceivably many other non-Abrahamic religions pre-dating the Torah, the Talmud, and the Old and New Testaments. I think you are spot on that the Torah is all about the Elohim and I appreciate that input, since I knew nothing about it previously. But it all makes sense. The KM may worry about this truth being exposed, but IMHO, its not a big deal. The Babylonian Money Magic scheme is the real problem, and it is ready to bust wide open. Can Gentiles live without fake money printed out of thin air and without paying interest that sustains a group of money managers and warmongers? I would hope so. That's the real fake job, IMHO.

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Do any ancient texts reference the Elohim's reaction to our atmosphere (i.e., CO2 levels)?

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Today my energy is directed toward digestion.... and giving in to L-Tryptophan.

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"In other words, if my goal was to gently deal with a drunk relative at a Thanksgiving gathering by using a yuko ottoshi judo take-down,..."


In slightly more directed energy, if clif says "pass me the gravy," freakin' pass it to him !

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I, too, think the Predator Class is presently expending little effort or energy. Actions taken previously are gradually coming to fruition. The process is steady and inevitable. Little energy is expended in this stage of their planning, because it’s simply not required at this time.

The quadruply & quintuply-pricked now have v-induced A.I.D.S., turbo-cancers, neurodegenerative brain disease, clotting, cardiac damage to varying degrees and they are v-shedding on everyone around them.

Their DNA has been so altered, the multi-jabbed are no longer homo sapiens sapiens...with all the protections afforded by current civil and human rights law.

There’s also something very strange happening to human blood with regard to nanotechnology - the implications of which suggest a switch to becoming silicon rather than carbon-based life forms. How this corresponds to the Predators’ agenda is still unknown.

My working hypothesis at this time is that the Predators regard their worldwide campaign of democide as a clean-up operation. They have long-anticipated and prepared for cataclysmic Earth changes that will drive survivors underground for a considerable period of time.

Put simply, the Predators don’t want to deal with the clean-up of corpses in the aftermath. They seek to put billions into an early grave long before the cataclysms kick off.

They’d also like to take possession of and have documented ownership of virtually everything of value prior to Earth changes commencing. Bickering over ownership of agricultural land, housing stock, etc. with irate (and potentially violent) survivors is something with which the Predators would rather not contend.

The Predator Class seeks to avoid the desperate, hungry hordes attempting to break into their well-stocked underground lairs. No one will be pounding on the entrance if they’ve already been dispatched.

In the aftermath, the Predators will re-emerge to a pristine planet Earth with a tiny population of starving and compliant survivors whose DNA is entirely different from their own...the perfect slave class.

Where the Elohim would feature in this scenario, I have no idea.

Might the Predators believe the Elohim would whisk them away from Earth until such time as the situation stabilizes?

Or have the Predators been promised that the Elohim will appear once more in the aftermath to supply them with seemingly magical technologies and bountiful new species of animals with which to repopulate the planet?

Your guess is as good as mine.

All of it - down to the minutest detail - is utterly PSYCHOPATHIC.

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I think the KM have already lost. They know it, which is why every move the DS makes right now is panic and full of chaos. They are not Acting in any organized fashion, just Re-Acting to stay alive. They've lost their leaders, IMO.

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Drink, Eat, and be Merry!

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Reconcile "intentional depopulation" with "selling the rest of us to the space aliens".

Wouldn't they be *cultivating* us? Since Clif has previously postulated that the space aliens are interested in our belly fat, I can see them *growing* herds of fat goyim. But while "culling" is a legit farming practice, the farmer culls *only* the problem animals, NOT "as many as possible."

The irony of the clotshot as a culling tool is, [They] need *compliant* stock -- and that's exactly the kind dying off.

[They] are setting up the space aliens to face off with humanity's *orneriest* critters. IF that's what's going on.

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I was on my eMTB… I was coming down a knarly track… and at the foot is a 10 meter drop off… unfortunately, my right pedal cleat unclipped just before the jump… and I had a split second to decide wat to do.. I should’ve went around it.. but I went over it… when I landed heavy… obviously my 170mm travel suspension shot back up and my right foot went up and I did a 180 in the air… came down hard on top of the bike.. I was wearing protection, but I had a camel backpack in that I had stupidly put my pump in the side pocket… we could see it was the line of that pump with the heavy landing that broke them all… hey, I couldn’t breathe… but then human survival kicked in.. can only be that.. as I knew I was in trouble.. but I was in middle of nowhere, so I couldn’t just lay there. I immediately got up, and I picked the 24kg bike up, I seen that the bars were off, so I straightened them as best I could.. then I knew I had to get to the road as I couldn’t go via the Rocky trail, luckily I was near the foot and knew the little road wasn’t far. I got to the road and then I had to ride 12kms home, I have no idea how I managed that, and can’t remember much of it… all I knew is I needed to get home!! But that’s not the worst part, I then wouldn’t go to a hospital!! Haha.. I do t trust docs or hospitals!! And already was doing these protocols for ridding my body of all parasites and worms!! I already knew that big Pharma medicine is not there to cure u! But after 3 days, I agreed to go get an x-ray… and working 1 hour of that I was in ICU.. I was very close to time up.. they put a tube in me to drain the lungs are of blood/fluids and then air in to re-inflate lung.. hey, I ride motorcycles too.. it’s all I have… bikes!! Haha.. and, it’s my job! I’m a cycling guide (on and off road..) just don’t follow me on my day off on my eMTB!! Haha

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So many lies and distortions regarding humanity and it's history, I truly don't know what to think about anything anymore. You have opened up so many avenues of thought regarding life and who we are and for that I'm truly grateful.Thank you Clif for being you! So grateful to have been introduced to your posts. So much eye opening material has come from your unique perspective. Thanks for opening so many eyes as to whats really going on in the world! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thank you Clif!!!

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