Sometimes I think Octopuses- mushrooms - seahorses and other things may be alien & we just assume they’re not. Also- since our 5 senses only have limited capacity- aliens may be here walking among us. I also think that alien life may enter through the ocean - or water sources. Wasn’t NASA originally designed for oceanic discovery? Maybe the door to this realm is inside the earth instead of above it.

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I totally agree. Government employees for the most part, have no common sense.

Thanks, lisa

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Very interesting to contrast Cliff's version of 'First Contact' with Courtney Brown's version. Traders are always first in - certainly, the early 'colonists' who populated 'America' were traders and not representatives of the 'Crown' - they came later when they thought there was loot, and booty to plunder!

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Interesting, I too worked in Telcom, the big guys, until the Carter Phone decision. Then I worked against them as a consultant. 50% of the first years savings and 50% of all refunds, hotels, casinos airlines and Banks. audit, inventory analysis system with feedback

I'm an old man enlisted US Navy 56 to 60 Burroughs Corp, Glenn L. Martin, Martin Marietta, A.M.F., Pacific Telephone, SW Bell.

Our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly has figured out and executed the return to a Constitutional republican form o government Oregon this year 2022.


All power is inherent in the people. The United States is a legal fiction created by the several states in Union together in a Congress Assembled under the articles of Confederation and perpetual Union. The Union is styled The United States of America. It!! As a group, created the Constitution which created the United States. The last lawful State is Oregon.

A path to returning to a United States as a Constitutionally bound government is: to assemble a quorum of the several states that were States. In 1860 prior to South Carolina seceding. However a Civilian Court of record is required to implement Ex Parte Milligan and nullify martial law/Lieber code and FEMA.

Therefore, 33 lawful states. A lawful quorum can open a lawful Congress. That precludes color of law.

Promulgate to your heart's content. I am finding no rebuttal.

May I present our thoughts on this at our meeting? Face to face, Zoom or Skype

We think we are in a malevolent predatory form of martial law/ Lieber Code/FEMA except Oregon. Where, we have formed a Civilian Court of record, implemented/enabling Ex Parte Milligan which in turn nullifies martial law/Lieber Code/FEMA on Oregon. It is all written down just following the prompts. "They" were playing the good master. Raising the slave child while rearing their own child. He who can be deceived let him.

We are no longer deceived. Therefore their law form is a nullity.

all the best of every good fortune for the good.


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There is abundant evidence that aliens have been on Earth for a considerable time...Laura Eisenhower says that Ike met with them twice at military bases...

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When I was a young boy my Father worked for the government. The CSIRO. He was a Technical Officer. The scientists would come up with an idea for something and it was his job to invent something to make it all work. Anyway I remember him telling me that, you cannot be sacked when you work for the government. If you are in a department and unable to carry out your duties either through lack of knowledge or whatever, the only way to get rid of you was to have you promoted. When you got promoted to a higher level and were unable to do your job the same thing happened. Another promotion. And that is why we have morons running the government. They were eventually promoted to the top of the ladder.

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You always make me smile Clif. I love reading your stuff. May not always agree, but I never take offence because it's your point of view. I respect and appreciate that. Another brilliant insight! Thank you!

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I had an epiphany many years ago, when CBS did a"60 Minutes" walk through, at the White House during the Obama era. Cameras went from office to office, and interviews were with the brightest. (NOT) I remember watching the cameras wanting to access a meeting and this "Chief of Staff" said, You're not allowed. That CoS was...Rahm Emanuel. (You know, the guy who said, "Why waste a good crisis.) All of a sudden, the lights came on. What ever was going on in that room was not for public knowledge. Then I thought, In that room, maybe 6-8 people strategically run the U.S. A Question: How many people were there in 2019 you may ask? 328.3 million. How is it that so few have that much Perceived POWER to run and enslave the lives of the many?

The word "Government" takes up more room in our heads than any other word. Why? Because power is always related to ", THE GOVERNMENT". IRS, Law enforcement, Military, Child Care guidelines, red light, yellow light and green, pay your bill, take the Jab and on and on. The word Government is really a concept that has become its own necromancers of the masses. From womb to tomb, we are programmed to be obedient to THE GOVERNMENT. I look forward to the pin prick that burst that bobble, backing it up to a concept and maybe back to our true authentic selves. Yes government is stupid, HOWEVER how stupid are we to follow the stupid. Just a question.

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5G: Fifth Generation

5GW: Fifth Generation Warfare

It’s all coming together between the transmitting masts that surround you. Replete with the Project Bluebeam programming that appears to have been historically ongoing, deep and wide.

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Dec 4, 2022·edited Dec 4, 2022

No doubt about it, we need less government...a lot less government. We could eliminate 90% of the government and their stupid junkyard dog agencies - think CDC, FDA, NIH, EPA, DHS, DIA, FBI, CIA, on and on.......we should replace CONgress altogether as we have learned these are the least ethical people on the earth that have and will sell out our country in a New York minute..

Does everyone understand that CONgress allows the giant trans national corporations to write everyone of their bills and they then pass them without even reading them...after packing them up to 2500 pages that "Master legislation maker" as old hag Pelosi calls herself, tells the country we will have to "pass them to know what's in them"...and that ladies and gentlemen is why our country has been gutted and sold out.

Which brings me to one more point...WE DO NEED GOVERNMENT .... we need it regulate those trans national corporations and protect our borders....how are they doing? It could not be worse for our country. Basically thanks to LACK OF GOOD GOVERNMENT , we are now looking at the CCP owning our ports, controlling our education system and for all intents and purposes carrying on a war inside our borders for the complete destruction of America. If Americans do not rise up and topple this totally criminal government we will be completely under Chinese (must remember the CCP is owned and operated by British Pilgrim Society, and Rothschilds Central Banks with Rothschild owned and operated Israel helping ) control.

We should topple this government , investigate each and every member of CONgress and then give them military trials and hangings for crimes going back as far as 1963. Rothschilds reportedly have $200 Trillion....most all stolen from Americans.

Last but not least, since we know the government has been in on all the terrorist attacks against our country - JFK murder, Oklahoma City, Bombing, 9/11 , Covid attack, foreign interference in elections, and countless false flags and criminal wars - every law put on the books since 1963 should be made null and void....START OVER...it's the only way...with one important new law added - no dual Israel citizen (or any other country really)should ever be allowed a government job or to hold office....we must reminds ourselves ALWAYS to never again be cowed by claims of anti-semitism when what we really are saying is we are anti satanism and if the shoe fits.....and we want our Republic back.

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I think that they are worse than stupid. I'll tell you a story. In the 1960's I flew Navy transport planes to the ships in the Gulf of Ton Kin. Daily we wasted thousands of gallons of fuel by dumping it into the sea to get down below maximum landing weight. I wrote a suggestion to the commanding officer. It was a plan to reduce the waste. His reply. I must use all of the money allocated this year or our allocation will be reduced next year. The primary job of anyone in government who wants a promotion is to justify waste. The more wasteful the more likely the promotion.

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government = tits on a log

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Thanks for the Great Information. However your not kidding about how STUPID our GOVERNMENT is...!!!!!

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You are mostly blinded by your schooling and a mind type making assumptions that Space Aliens are coming here only for their own self interested motivation. It’s very dangerous to assume that. In fact there are legions of extra terrestrials that right beside We the People actively fighting for our freedom from slavery to the Orion and other ET species. And in fact, there are already many well developed groups making citizen to ET contact daily.

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It would be like those who encountered Viking traders.

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