Here we go again with the BS.

But I do agree that the Communist Bolsheviks were bad. The Russian people are good. Putin is a benevolent leader, imo, and did what he had to do with Ukraine.

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If you’re attacked or threatened by “space aliens” a.k.a. demonic entities, call on Jesus Christ or say the Lord’s Prayer. It works.

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What about all the thousands of male enemy combatants being intentionally brought from China and other countries to illegally invade our country? This is being done by the criminal regime in order to make a standing army for the deep state to use against the American people. Senator Durbin has just let the cat out of the bag, that they are being brought in for this purpose.

Texas is making illegal border crossing a crime, so now the Biden regime is using the borders of CA and AZ for infiltration.

Will we make it to next November's election?

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Amazing how much as a society we recognize gravity as a force, yet deny magnetism (anti-gravity) as a force. Water is the key:


Thank you Clif for the note on volts - didn't know about the correlation with time. Fascinating!

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Hello WooCrew! Bitcoin is going up!!!Love you guys! Stay Woo!😘😎🥰😍

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Thanks cliff

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Cliff, the reason why this information is so obscure to some and will be so obscure to "religious" people is they don't study their books. The entire "el" thing is right in there. The entire "other worldly" clues are there, especially in the Tanakh and Quran. Those of higher lumens, such as yourself, already get it. The "low lumens," not so much.

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As always thanks Clif for sharing your genius with us.

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Sometimes it is important not only to predict the future, but also to reflect on the past. Now, did any of your predictions come true?

January 2023 Predictions for Cliff High

The year 2023 will be the year of the collapse of the economic system.

The timing of the start of the derivative collapse could potentially occur in mid-January with the first major breakdown. It's forecasted that the subsequent major collapse will likely happen 3-4 weeks later, followed by the beginning of the final derivative collapse involving financial institutions.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will attempt to bring about the destruction of financial institutions to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). However, it's predicted that they will not succeed in ushering in the Great Reset; instead, after a period of chaos, people will begin to seek and construct a new system. The collapse, however, is predicted to occur this year.

With the economic collapse, the corruption and concealed history of those in power will come to light, leading ordinary people to awaken.

As the financial system collapses, the Khazarian Mafia will lose all power and be gradually eradicated over the course of several years.

Due to the devaluation of currency to zero, the Khazarians will lose funding sources for propaganda, such as promoting gender transitions or communism.

Regarding the economic collapse, the trigger point is said to be the collapse of derivatives, which are estimated to exist at a value of two quadrillion dollars, originating in Europe.

After a slight recovery through funding supply following the collapse of derivatives in one place, problems will arise elsewhere, leading to another round of funding supply. Eventually, the entire derivative system will catch fire uncontrollably and spiral out of control—a catastrophic event.

While it's unimaginable for anyone worldwide what will happen when the entire derivative system collapses, it's likely that local governments and public entities deeply involved in derivatives will be pushed into a state of suspension.

At that time, things previously considered "assets" will lose their value. People will begin to consider items like food and toilet paper to hold more value.

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Many of the ufo sightings (including my own) are from this planet. They are 'planes' of the djinn. (i..e. genie in English) Djinn are said to be created from 'smokeless fire' (electro-magnetism) Not all are demonic - they have free will like us. Only a third of the djinn followed Lucifer. Two thirds remained faithful to the Creator. Angels never get corrupted because they lack free will. Fairies are also like this. Some of them were sent here to help the first humans after The Fall. This is a history that is rarely known in the West, but it is recognized as part of our reality in many Middle Eastern, Asian & African countries. One writer/scientist, Jacques Vallee, did address the topic in his book Revelations. So do some research. It's not all aliens & demons, folks! :)

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I will not 'worship' a jealous god who has a bunch of personality issues that I wouldn't tolerate in a human. Fuck that. The earth is crazy enough without that shit.

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I would like some links of proof

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I used to find value in clif's rants but lately there's too much opinion and not enough info for me to make my own decisions. I ran into him at a coffee shop once and would have liked to have a conversation, but he accused me of being a "normie" and thought I was a "honey pot" sent to entrap him... I'm 65 years old! I don't know, be careful here and don't just believe everything clif says just because he's a frickin genius :-)

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A day without Clif is like drinking a cup of coffee ☕️ and realizing space aliens are running the Starbucks you bought your coffee from. AHHHHHHH piss.

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Did Magnetism make the apple hit my head ?

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Yes as an 80s baby (from Russia)I remember mercury thermometers

We alllllll used them

We used them to measure temperature of sick ppl

I still remember when my brother broke a thermometer and ate the little mercury drop

My mom damn near had a shit fit

My dad lol bless his soul said the boy will be alright

My dad was right

As far as we know there were no side affects

My bro is now in his 50s

Has kids and intellectually is very smart so had no affects on his learning as was presumed

Then again it was literally a little drop

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