I have just come back from an epic meeting of our local town council, usually so boring. We were proposed with a 15 minute city. At least 1000 (out of 30,000) people packed the building, and the noise was epic. Points were made about the NWO, the WEF, the climate hoax, and everyone was vocally agreeing. It was so encouraging, so many awake, including my covidian neighbour who had knocked on my door earlier to ask if I was going! So maybe that 100th monkey has cracked it.....

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I'm almost in the dead center of the Boomer Demographic.

I've noticed that there is a tipping point when things start to get big, and it usually occurs about the time I start to get on board with something. Soon after I start liking something or become aware of something, it becomes common knowledge and popular. If you have ever heard of the 100-monkey effect, I am the 97th monkey or somewhere thereabouts. I found out about Clif, and soon after, he became much less fringe. By the time my dumb ass is aware of something, it's about to become a tidal wave. And it is about to become a social tsunami. The KM and the Chinese ran the original silk road. Now, they're creating the infrastructure for the belt and road.

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I just walked down to the health food store and it was closed. Staffing? I don't know but I'm in the path of the dioxin plume and I didn't need to walk all the way down there for no reason.

Next time I'll call first.

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Trump is still pushing the vaccines.

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Thanks Clif for your research! Great info and uplifting info. I'm so grateful to have listened to my spirit and gut to not follow the crowd and get the evil shots! Most thought I was crazy and would soon die...I couldn't be more healthy!

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Feb 28, 2023·edited Feb 28, 2023

One of your best summaries to date, Clif. Thank you.

PS) I’ll NEVER take another vaxx, ever (& did not take the CV19 garbage). Vit D, K2, C, and C60; Chaga tea and raw honey; and elderberry, and Optimized Quercitin + zinc if I feel run down or was exposed to someone who had a cold or whatnot are the only “vaccines” for me for the rest of my life. I’ve also recently started Clif’s Iodine regime, which has been a good addition. My goal is to never darken the doors of a hospital and to rarely darken the doors of doctor’s office.

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You peed on his shoes! That's f**king hilarious lol

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the only thing released/unleashed was a mind virus-

and it neither came from a market nor a lab, these are just aspects of the control narrative,

it came from the ferment of think-tanks...

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So this has been going on a LOT longer than the 60's....this started back before NATO was formed. Operation Gladio...This was the precursor to NATO and the assimilation of of the US military into the operation. It more or less was the blue print on how to perform a successful coup. They've used this playbook over and over again and are doing it now.


sources are cited in this article.

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Thank you Clif. I look forward to more of your take on the extraterrestrial influence. I am an advocate for The Allies of Humanity. If Allies of Humanity help you to understand the greater community of intelligent life in the universe, I pray that you will help me and The Advocates to promote The Briefings. Thank you for your unending devotion to the true, beautiful and the good.

Godspeed to the winning. Here are The Briefings: alliesofhumanity.org/the-briefings/

They are a critical ingredient to the preservation of humanity's survival and freedom..

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What is the deal with the lack of staffing? What the hell are people doing

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Whether intentional or not, Clif's substacks have created a unique forum for us humans to share ideas, offer up info in the form of links and opinions and provide a bit of cultural glue. During Covid the unmasked were almost a distinct racial minority with the lack of masks being the equivalent of a yellow armbands. .

I definitely felt a sense of isolation as I had relocated a few months prior to the great pandemic madness and had very little in person social contact once the idiotic lockdowns took effect. I, like many other aging single people, rely upon a group of friend scattered around the US for my social needs. There were few voices out there we could trust or look toward for guidance it was a very bleak period and although we were often hassled, we got through it. I didn't have to pee on anyone's shoes but I did have to constantly fend off calls to get shot up with flu or covid jabs from my health clinic and insurance company. Those who are considered elderly (yikes! i am a deprecit one over 75)) were especially targeted.

The governor of my very blue state closed massage clinics and most of the hot springs --the main reason I had moved down to the southwest from Montana was to access hot springs as part of my recovery from a stroke. I am sure many were affected far worse as thousands of businesses were forced to close and children suffered greatly, but I was dumbfounded as to how massage was synonymous with disease and having a hot soak could turn you into a leper.

Well,this is just to give of an example of how much I appreciate having a sense of community as well as a feeling of unity and strength. i can't see you but knowing you are out there brings great solace as we wait for the normies to come to their senses and the KM to finally leave earth.

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Interesting analysis there, Clif.

I work in beer, cider, wine and mead, with many microbial cultures; laboratory and wild, beneficial and malicious, ...

(malice: root word: malic 'pertaining to apples' Insert "Garden of Eden" reference here: https://netdog06.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/garden-o),

pure and/or infected.

It is the art of controlled decomposition. Which is akin to what we are going through now, with the SOC being the Brewmaster of et al.

In our case, it is an attempt to take an infected substrate, and conquer the invasive, infecting cultures with a set of preferred cultures...

...controlling decomposition in such a way that damage is minimized and the end result is a Spirit of desirable Nature that raises our Consciousness, collective and otherwise... higher and higher...

As individual agents in that endgame, we are each individual cells, some more like others...

Others, like yourself, very unique... often acting as a catalyst that initiates the desired changes in the substrate.

One group of cells begins the organic processes and various subcultures follow in cascading succession as conditions emerge in this highly complex system.

It is exciting, if not a little harrowing, to watch the process, especially as midpoints in the process can be very disconerting indeed. [Think of the film from 20th Century Fox: Bottle Shock (2008)]

To the rest of you cells out there:

Think in terms of complex systems, and clashes and cooperations of cultures.

It is not at all a mechanical process. There is no single event that will achieve the desired result. It is a matter of evolving hyper complex conditions such that billions of disparate cells start working toward the endgame in unison and resonant harmony, each acting in independent agency, "self-organizing into a collective" [SOC].

As individuals, you might think you have no influence on the final result, but billions of individual yeast cells would tell you otherwise.

Soon... more desirable conditions will emerge as the "yeasts" [you all] wake up... And they start putting the pieces together and making the bread... or wine, etc.

As the substrate turns from sour and sulphorous, something will emerge sweet and heavenly, like a well aged wine or wildly fermented belgian lambic under controlled conditions.

The flipping over of the "system", the supraculture, can happen seemingly instantaneously once enough individuals start engaging the process and actively changing the substrate.

Likely we will all wake up one morning after a long and lengthy maturation period of this process [conflict], and find that it is magically, suddenly all over...

Have faith.

Be you.

Be fearless.

We will only get better with age...

A brewmaster knows...

Kampai. Cheer to you and yours. To your health [root word meaning "whole"]

It is time to return and reclaim The Garden once and for all.

Satan is not welcome here. Never Again.


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I'm going to need hard evidence that Trump deliberately accelerated the agenda -- it make sense on the surface, but the bottom line is that we cannot verify the assertions.

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It's disheartening to hear people blame Trump for the bioweapon. Thank you, Clif, for so nimbly explaining his conundrum to the hotheads looking to blame someone for their bad decisions. Furthermore, Trump told us about the cures and palliatives and never suggested or supported a vax mandate or codified law. (I'm pissed with him for the Nov. 15 capitulation to the usurpers and for lying (?) about the military "having everything" and being on his/our side. But that's a bitch for another day.)

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Thank you!

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