Clif have you taken into account the rather infantilized mental state of the vaxxed, the ones who really bought into and actually loved everything about the covid movement; the lock-downs, the masks, the nanny state "taking care" of them, big daddy government giving them shots which made them feel "safe", their being "patted on the back" for not going to work, etc. I know some of these people and this is actually how they feel about the whole covid thing. They literally loved it and, taking it away from them is like taking candy away from a baby. How do adult babies react to candy being taken away from them?

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The patent office also steals patents. And you will see your idea come out after you filed a patent. It's a very corrupt system.

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Supreme Court agreed to hear Brunson brothers on 2/17

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Editing glitch, you forgot to shut down your mic. We still love you!😜

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Never say sorry for being a jokester, as a portion of your overall brilliant make-up. We love the jokes, humor is so very necessary nowadays. Information coated with humor slides down so much easier.

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Was that Mrs. Clif in the background? Would love to hear a little from her sometime...

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I’ll express it again, when parents realize what they’ve done to their children by giving them the shots, they are going to lose their shit.

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If that had been my phone, inadvertently left on, I would probably have been sharing some of my vast profane vocabulary. Shit happens.

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So, you start all of your talks wit 'hello humans'.

Since all of the vax victims have been genetically altered, are you only talking to 'none' vaxed?


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Actually, Clif, I don't think you understand what has happened to America, because you are American. You are blinded by your own belief systems.

Yes, we have a global situation, largely because of America's illness. I am guessing few of your devotees will finish reading this. Truth is anethema.

For those who do read, let me start at the beginning.

(1) You lock your infants into a room to sleep and so they start their lives living with night terrors. You should have let your kids sleep with you for the first 3-4 years. As Michael Moore observed, all Americans are frightened, which is why you have a shooting problem. Hollywood can present Americans as cool Marines until the cows come home but you are all frightened kids inside. This is why you are reactive as a nation, and socially. At any given point in time, you are on the edge of emotional instability, and at worst, hysteria.

(2) All Americans BELIEVE. The rest of the world looks on in wonderment as you brainwash every school child into thinking there is a great force up above them that manifests variously as: the President, Congress, the flag, the Constitution, and the anthem, and can be summed up as two things: God is on your side; and, it is logical to mix beliefs with evidence and expect a coherent and reliable result from this equation. That is the killer. BELIEF is the killer.

That is quite enough to derail any nation, even with the very best of intentions, but this was never the case in the US. Pretty much nothing about popular American history is true. The US has never been a democracy. You do not even have the word democracy in your Constitution, for a reason.

The US is a structural Monarchy, with the President having monarchic powers and the plutocrats exercising all other power. Your economy is planned to retain 40% in poverty. 12% suffer permanent severe brain damage due to disease and malnutrition. Your health care system is the most exploitative in the western world.

The US is 39th on the global literacy scale and falling fast. Logic is alien to around 95% of Americans and those who do structure their thinking are screwing the rest of you and the entire world.

America does not stand for "Freedom and Democracy". In the first century it stole the land and lives of the original inhabitants, stole half of Mexico; and then in 1901, machine gunned 8000 Philippine children to death because they had no further use; plus 5000 adults.

The US did not win WWII. Russia won WWII, with help from its allies. Three quarters of the war dead were Russian and two thirds of the war effort was Russian. Hollywood can fabricate otherwise because you all BELIEVE shit.

Since WWII, the US has invaded 60 sovereign nations, not one of whom was threatening the US. You then stole their resources and converted their labour force to near slavery to enable America, with 10% of the world's population, to amass 80% of the world's resources.

Any national leader who resisted was killed by your CIA, which is also the worlds biggest drug cartel. You invaded Afghanistan to rescue your heroin industry, closed down by the Taliban. You invaded Korea because the north had village committees, which the Pentagon decided must be Communist.

In 1975, you invaded Australia and sacked the government because it objected to US installations that did not serve Australian interests, and you then assisted Indonesia plan an invasion of Australia, the objective being to weaken both nations and make control more easy. We had zero unemployment before 1975 and the highest egalitarian standard of living in the world. Today, 70% live in misery and poverty, all engineered by your government.

The scamdemic was conceived in the US and driven by the US, yet you absurdly call it the Chinese Communist Party virus. It was made in Fort Detrick.

The war in Ukraine is a US war, precipitated by Victoria Nuland and designed to prevent an inevitable Russia/German alliance. The global media, that drives all of these scourges on humanity, is run by American Rupert Murdoch.

You all believe that 9/11 was the action of people who hate America and who are jealous of your freedoms. It took me precisiely three hours from the second plane strike, to calculate who did 9/11. Only one entity had the capacity, the motivation, and the opportunity. That entity was exposed yet still you blame everybody else.

As I write, you are installing a misile site with which to wage war on China, a launching pad in yet another Indigenous people's home in Arnhem Land. Reprisals and toxic missile exhausts will kill most residents and destroy the local atmosphere. Your top Admiral, Jonathan Greenert, has already inspected his next US naval base in Melville Bay without, of course asking permission of Australians. You have 7 additional military bases here, permission having been provided by the Pentagon.

You agonise over Red or Blue, oblivious to the reality they are the same two party system designed to provide the illusion of choice.

When we Australians expel your nation, preferably without harming your Marines, who we actually get on fine with, there will be no such leniency extended to your politicians and CEOs. These will be pursued and executed all the way back into America. If innocent Assange is extradited, expect a lot of deaths in the US. I just hope you remember that the coming war was enabled by your refusal to address global reality. The entire Trump era is better forgotten and you should instead focus on the millions of lives your government is destroying outside America.

Do not kid yourselves that other governments do bad stuff to their own people. Your government owns all other governments in the West, and many in the East. The global problem is of your making. Fix it.

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We asked and CLIF listened. THANK YOU ....CLIF :-)

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The unvaxxed are the ushers in the theatre…

‘Remain calm, ladies and gentlemen, make your way to the marked EXITs, no need to panic..’

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It is time, for a lot of people to listen to Carlos Castaneda, start here:


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Over an hour. Oooh, epic!

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Project Veritas is definitely priming the pump as the saying goes, looking at the tweets and retweets and you can see the normies beginning to wake up to the scamdemic and the vax, look at normie New Yorkers and their reactions.

Especially with stunts like this.


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You sure love your doggies! Extra likes on you, Clif!

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