I took the following notes from a podcast of Robert Kiyosaki interviewing Andy Shectman from MilesFranklin and added some of my own information and comments concerning the state of the US dollar and economy:

Marker #1

By September 2019 all the central banks of the world had repatriated their gold. They had physically taken possession of the gold they owned.


Up to this point, most of the worlds gold was in vaults in America, England and elsewhere and because of the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement the US dollar became the world’s reserve currency backed by gold. The US recovered tons of Nazi gold after WWII. During the Vietnam war in 1969 de Gaulle demanded the US return France’s gold and sent a war ship to New York to collect it. De Gaulle realized the US was printing paper to cover the cost of the war and of Johnson’s Great society.

In 1971 Nixon realized the US couldn’t pay for Vietnam without printing paper money so he essentially took the US off the gold standard. 1974 was a very chaotic year until Kissinger made the deal with the Saudi’s which was military protection by the US in exchange for Saudi oil denominated in dollars. Since 1971 the US dollar has continuously lost value.

The same thing happened to Lincoln during the Civil War when he tried to print “green backs” to pay for the war. The “green backs” were initially backed by gold but the US didn’t have enough gold so Lincoln printed money not backed by gold. The value of the “green-backs” immediately fell, until the US stopped printing.

Marker #2

By the year 2020 the Chinese had essentially completed their “Belt and Road” initiative connecting Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe and South America comprising approximately 75% of the worlds population and doing financials in gold and the Yuan and NOT the US dollar.

During this time the IMF declared gold a tier 1 asset and then announced it wanted a new Bretton Woods.

Basel III compliance was published (keeps getting updated) in 2009 and central banks around the world started acquiring gold bullion. Apparently this was in response to the 2008 financial crisis. You mean you didn’t know about it? Well the speculators did and commercial banks and “others” started quietly acquiring gold bullion and other precious metals.

Marker #3

At the end of August 2021, we left Afghanistan and we egregiously left behind allies and equipment for the Taliban and the Chinese. Almost immediately Russia and the Saudi’s made a joint military agreement and Nigeria and the Saudi’s started selling their oil to China for the Yuan and gold.

Marker #4

In 2022 the US weaponized the dollar. Western countries (not just the US) placed sanctions on Russia, for the stated reason of punishing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. But was this just a cover story? You want me to believe the central banks in the west are so stupid they didn’t know what the consequences of the sanctions would be? This is nonsense. So what are the consequences?


The so-called pandemic was a pre-planned attempt by the WEF (Dr Evil Klaus Schwab) to force a global reset with the WEF in control. (I can’t stop laughing every time I think of Dr Evil in his Dr Evil costume). The WEF needed something that would scare the whole planet like a pandemic or Global warming or is it Climate change or is it space aliens, whatever.

At any rate the world locked down and we all printed tons of paper currency. And again you would have me believe the central banks are so stupid they didn’t see inflation coming. Right. Inflation was and is intended. The world -wide lock downs together with massive paper printing worked together to create inflation on both the supply-side and the demand side.

Let’s get back to the sanctions. So the West (the US) elected to remove Russia from SWIFT and the Russians elected to join the Chinese in the Belt and Road Initiative which became a group of countries known as the BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

Inflation drove up all commodities but especially oil and gas which is in great supply in Russia and relied upon by Europe (EU). The world runs on oil, not windmills or mice running in cages to produce electricity. What does the world use to buy oil? US dollars. Whatever currency you have you must convert it to dollars to buy oil. What does inflation do beside driving up the cost of oil in dollars? Because inflation is not a uniform phenomena it varies from country to country. For example it’s over 80% in Turkey as of this writing. If Turkey wants to buy oil it must use it’s very inflated currency to buy US dollars. This results in the US dollar getting stronger relative to other currencies. And this is driving most countries OUT of the dollar and into the arms of the BRICS who have announced their own reserve currency based on a basket of commodities (oil, gas, gold, silver, fertilizer, wheat, etc). The Saudi’s have joined the BRICS and will be accepting payment for oil in the new BRICS currency. Everyone is dumping dollars.


It is clear to me that everything that has happened so far is not a coincidence but is part of a well-orchestrated plan effecting the entire world. It is clear the FED cannot manage a “soft landing” for the US economy and is instead conducting a “controlled demolition” of the dollar. To conduct this slow demolition, the FED has had to orchestrate suppression of the value of gold and silver. If gold and silver were allowed to reach their market value, then game over for the dollar.

At some point we will have to reset our economy but it will not be a global reset. If the FED continues to slowly tighten it will eventually bankrupt the FED. If the FED goes back to money printing the dollar will become worthless. Hopefully our new dollar will be backed by some form of real assets similar to the BRICS.

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I know you said many times this would be tough. Still didn't prepare me for the realisation that I have been the black sheep of the family since birth in '67.

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Since you have died and come back as you were told that your journey was not complete, I consider you a prophet. Your prognostications are amazingly accurate. I follow you whenever i can.

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Thank U Clif for this audio.

Very interesting,

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Funny, last month I bought new tires and a new caliper. Hopefully you will keep those tires indoors out of the elements. Rubber does degrade with time - that is why the dot numbers are so important.

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Sep 24, 2022·edited Sep 24, 2022

How about internet and telecommunications? Good ol' 5G has done nothing to improve services, but the increases in fees has been a bit disturbing. Too, do you (Clif, or anyone) wonder about whether or not the effenweffers, while blaming Russia Russia Russia (or China or invaders from Mars or India or Lapland), will at some point in the near future pull the plug and take down the web? I realize doing so would seriously impact commerce and such, but seeing how they've snagged and addicted and addled the majority of the population do you think they would contrive to do such a thing so as to demonstrate yet another form of their sadism? Have oftentimes found myself wondering if there are in fact two or more internets ... i.e., nowadays, the plebs' web and the wefs' web.

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I am not supporting anything that goes cashless. It is stupid. So here in Ontario. There has been so many gas stations going out lately. It is annoying. IT doesnt work cashless what about when tech messes up. My gosh.

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Funny you mention find something free and use it. I found just that. few weeks ago and since have bought my URL and Made my Local website. I tested the local market and so far so good. It will sell big for Holidays. I have a business already but more is better until we know whats going to happen. Thanks

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For now one does need to factor in premium for the metals. I do wonder if and when you may need to convert back into whatever currency will be Govt approved for purchasing. It's the conversion that could be the catch. Should there be some record of what price you paid originally by the tax department ( from seller requirement ) will you get hit with some capital gain tax. Also should you exchange for some property deal using your metal, there is a title for legal proof of registered ownership. The WEFR's are a busy bunch with paper trail. True enough the bullion will logically keep you in a static position of savings or for periods may exceed price discovery or as present create some loss should you have paid in a higher time-frame. It's all about timing shorter/medium term. Long term is age related and will depend also on future conversion factors. A cash holding right now will decline in purchasing power forward. Property is both seizable and taxable by Govt as seen fit. Perhaps weaponry may work as an investment. Everything has some risk.

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How do you pay $100 for an American Silver Eagle in the 70's when the ASE program started minting in 1986? (@ timestamp 31:40)

Honest question.

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Hi Clif, Thanks for exposing these Wef'rs. No stones unturned and to the point. You, and others like Max Igan are why the Government and Fake News have lost all credibility on a global scale Only the most zombified dupes still tune in for their daily brain scrub. What's left of it.

Anyway, here are a few videos that I find very fascinating regarding the Satanic Catholic Church (Vatican) and the cannibilistic pedos in the British Monarchy that are being exposed worldwide.



Filthy Jesuit/ Zionist History.


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Thank you clif ❤️

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Profe ty for take time and do this!

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Clif I like how you summed it up: "Politics is entirely economic in nature and the economy is entirely political in nature; you cannot separate them."

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A man or woman with their children, the body, mind, spirit, flesh, blood, soul people on the land and soil of their state or territory, without ruler and without subject are sovereign. To satisfy a claim of status, standing and jurisdiction we choose a simple Living testimony in the form of an affidavit of truth, signed in red with a right thumb print in red with two witnesses doing the same. We provide a sample.

Birth certificates, state national, straw man, trust money, registering with the de facto are all diversions.

The goal is to return to a Constitutional republican form of government this year, 2022. To remove the de facto and replace it with the de jure. We deposit our Living Testimony with our Jury pool, our Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly. From that moment on it is a Claim of Conusance from our Court in the de jure to any in the de facto. We claim jurisdiction and deny any de facto authority over us.

There are several hundred of us now. All our documents are signed, sealed, stamped and served usually UPU treaty. Not one rebuttal. We are ARTICLE I Section 1 of Oregon's Constitution, Civilian Court of record; Grand jury, trial jury with ARTICLE III Amendment VII, implemented Ex Parte Milligan, nullified martial law, Lieber code/FEMA , Oregon's 2nd amendment well regulated militia. The provisional de jure Oregon government. 4 years without rebuttal.

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The Shamita has begun!

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