Simon is a praying mantis. His cloning process was much trickier and took 3 farts to complete.

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I laughed my ass off trying to read this out loud to hubby. Thanks Uncle Cliff for pointing out the absurdity in the rawest, wryest way.

For y'all in this thread that don't git the joke, please cut down on refined sugar and get more sleep and sunshine. Oh BTW Uncle Clif can help ya with the sleep part.

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I love the way you put a thought or an idea across.

Truth with a little sarcasm.

And sometimes a slap across the face with a good "SNAP OUT OF IT"

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2.5B clones around the globe today

Clones are made in China, Italy, and Antarctica

Clones can be grown in 5 months

Clones have no Soul, only memories are transferred

Black eyes and boots (the new black eye) show they have been updated with new information, memories, or outlook

Larry Page is the most senior member of the Illuminati, Soros was demoted

White Hats don’t use clones, only Black Hats

Known celebrities and elites with clones:

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Joe and Hunter Biden



Pope Francis

Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer

Bernie Sanders

Kamal Harris

George Bush

Liz Warren

Jeff Bezos

Bill Gates

Tom Hanks

Will Smith

Taylor Swift

Britney Spears


Alyssa Milano

Greta Thunberg

Bette Midler

Robert DeNiro

Rob Reiner

Ben Swann

Whoopi Goldberg

Jim Carrey

Angelia Jolie

Johnny Depp

Katie Perry

Lady Gaga

Kanye West

Shepard Smith

Zac Efron

Robert Mueller

Barbara Lee

Chris Wray

Anthony Scaramucci

John Brennan

Jim McDermott

Mazie Hirono

John Lewis

Pramila Jayapal

John Podesta

John Kerry

Adam Schiff

Andrew Cuomo

Eric Swawell

John Hickenlooper

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Cheri Bustos

Catherine Cortez Masto

Mark Pocan

Jamie Harrison

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Phil Murphy

Vladimir Putin (unconfirmed, but stated by Trump as different)

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Begun, the clone wars have!

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Clif, when I was reading this I was getting waves of gonzo journalism flowing through my being. Hunter S Thompson (RIP) has nothing on you. That was fun to read!

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Hey Clif,

Love your insights but sometimes, ... sometimes...?

So, you regularly converse and engage with extraterrestrials aboard space craft, but its just plain silly to consider the DoD/medical mafia had perfected mammalian cloning and embryo growth acceleration ever since the world 'was informed' (permitted to know) of the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep (as complex a mammal as humans).

Well then, were should my incredulity end when it comes to the WOO?

p.s. Riddle me this? How many freaking dopplegangers of HRC could there be in the world?

<signed> Swimming in the Woo. Please throw me life jacket

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Those clone fuckers are really stupid.

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The purported Dolly The Sheep was presented Scientifically & bolstered Medi-ally, as a "clean 1-2-3 shot, as easy as sweet pie.

Buuttt...in actuality, & hidden in laboratory reality, many grotesque manifestations, were birthed initially.

Ya never can tell, who's who.


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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

Once again Clif has been suckered into believing a lie. We all know that no one is flawless or perfect. Clif has good information on most subjects especially the Khazarian Mafia, he's spot on! But Billy Meier? Nope Clif, you got suckered into believing the lies that the Khazarians put out against Billy. His information is genuine. In the books, 'UFO... Contact From The Pleiades Vol. I & II, you'll see excellent photography from the 1970's, way before computer enhancement. The most advanced technology of the time was used by scientists to examine and verify as real the photos. There is also information about our celestial ancestry and space ship propulsion which I'm amazed Clif would discredit. Billy Meier was an innocent, contacted for his pureness of heart. He's a good soul. He was taken advantage of and his story and character were bastardized by the people who keep us in the dark. Use discernment with all you hear and read. Don't believe me, check it out for yourself.

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Well how do you get your own self cloned? I want one!! Then I can go do what I want and leave my clone with my husband……😜

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What a lying coward. He had the chance to try to substantiate his defamatory claims but, of course, ran away, folded, and spewed bile from the sidelines.

See: https://youtu.be/33hw1rbvorQ. & http://bit.ly/31gwNag

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Animation, Recording, CGI = clone

The image is not real fake. I've noticed . The internet and TV is part of the matrix

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"Biden's piss poor clone collection" rofl!

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For those who want to know how wrong Clif is about Billy Meier's singularly authentic contacts with the Plejaren, still ongoing - for over 80 years - SEE these:



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The sad truth about Clif ‘down right lying’ High: https://theyflyblog.com/2022/08/phony-futurist-freaks-flails-folds-and-flees/

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