Wow. Cliffy is on a roll.

I don't know if I should be elated or scared.

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Very GOOD Uncle Clif...you just described the book of Genesis...and God being the consciousness..

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So, using the energy of thought to visualize something generates points of complexity which, with sufficient thought energy provided, cross and recross, thus eventually weaving what is visualized into denser vibration which we could then perceive as emotions/inspiration/intuition, which then continue to weave into denser energy and movement, which we then perceive as physical action, which then further weaves points of complexity until the visualized/thought energy is perceivable in the Matterium — thus becoming what we call creating or manifesting.

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This further solidifies my understanding of your "little bloop" model. Very interesting. Now we have to think about how to direct the ongoing process such that we can affect change in what re-manifests.

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If only the floaty RV's would un-cloak over my house just long enough for a few pictures / video.

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Very nice! But I would argue that the magnetic pulse (field) is continuous, not "flickering" in and out 44 trillion/second. Nature accommodates all change organically by field interactions, like ocean waves merging and converging. The EPR effects are scalar longitudinal pulses thru the Ether, not upon it. Magnetic fields are perturbations of the ether, and are thus time-variant. EPR effects are instantaneous because they are non-dimensional. QED.

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Mar 12, 2023·edited Mar 12, 2023

Thanks Clif.

This article is a nice synthesis of the books Laws of Form by G. Spencer-Brown, Power vs Force by Dr David Hawkins and of course, Thinking and Destiny by Harold W. Percival.

Very nicely done, sir.

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I can’t believe I found you ! Random? A manifestation? I’m grateful.

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So, as I interpret this, the consciousness could be labelled as 'God', and we are tendrils sent out to experience on it's behalf, to make an exciting world through our unscripted decisions, and to expand our awareness.

Without the challenges presented to us by duality we would not learn much, which people do not understand when they ask why good and evil exist.

People like playing video games that give them unlimited worlds to explore, shocks and surprises, risks and challenges, beauty and fear. I guess God would be quite pleased with the big game he's set in motion, I just hope his chair is a comfy one.

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"While our minds are paused, during the Void Interval, in which Time does not exist, as we are not ‘active’ and so cannot perceive it, all matter in the Matterium is relocated. Slightly." I may not be active enough. This passage reminded me of the timeless euphoria of savoring an exquisite creme brulé, Time stops and my matterium shifts, expanding ever so slightly. Cliff, I hope there is no test next week on this thesis. I wonder if you have already been talking to those RV pilots. Fascinating stuff. Beam me up, Cliffy.

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Today’s deep thought; the Israeli money laundering over the past century, makes the Ukrainian’s look like Pikers...pik·er



plural noun: pikers



a gambler who makes only small bets.

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Not a strict duality, per se.

Just as "zero" and "one" are difficult to actualize through conception, so is "two".

It's a duality which posits a third. Somewhere in between...

And all of the variety possible through the RELATIONSHIP of two poles.

Or more.


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This is amazing "recipe" . . . .and they thought they were going to use AI against us . . . .

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Hey clif, what effect do you think all of this bank run news is going to have on BTC?

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Strange. Only yesterday I posted my unschooled opinion on QM's and other accepted Einsteinian thought.

Not bright enough to major in physics I went the psychology sociology route.

I was always fascinated by the likes of Feynman, Bhor et al. My niggling question was about 186000mps light speed being set in stone.

Einstein maintained that the closer an object accelerated to light speed the more mass it acquired until that object is all of the mass in the universe.!!!!

If that is the case then how can there be gazillions of photons travelling at light speed. My logic tells me that there can only ever be one of anything that travels at light speed.

My thought process might be flawed and easily explained away by Clif, in fact I agree with him that there has to be a beyond light speed.

I also agree with Clif that much of the science macro and micro has been deliberately obfuscated by an elite determined to keep their boot on our necks.

One example of such obfuscation is the ingredient of man. The Carbon Atom contains:

1. 6 Protons

2. 6 Electrons

3. 6 Neutrons

666 The mark of a man!

They would have you believe:

666 The number of the beast.


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I spelled his first name wrong Mauro Biglino

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