Hey Clif, I do vedic astrology and I just wanted to mention that I tried to study western tropical astrology for 15 years and it didn't make a lick of sense. When I began studying vedic everything was so specific and so logical I took to it immediately. The thing is, tropical and vedic astrology aren't two different things. They are two parts of one thing. The earth-centric tropical model stays pinned in the center and the vedic sidereal portion spins around it. The tropical model is useful to know when to plant the crops and when to harvest them. The sidereal is useful for getting majorly (and I mean MAJORLY) specific about how to plan your life minute to minute (if you wanted to). So they knew about and used both. Mars is not a war-like planet. Mars is simply a planet that takes action. A General if you will. It gets direction from the Sun (the King) and carries out whatever he needs to get done. It is simplistic and untrue to give any planet a positive or negative quality. They don't have opinions, they have functions. When you put them in different scenarios they will either create friction or harmony. Think of it like chemistry. If you mix certain elements certain things happen. They aren't good or bad - humans are the only ones who add this layer of perspective. In that sense, astrology already has changed. When I learn a concept that doesn't fit today's age I immediately adapt it to fit the current age. Rather than matching marriage based on how compliant a female will be as a wife, we can add layers of complexity that didn't exist before such as attraction, karmic connection.... the type of thing nobody would have been looking at 2,000 years ago because you really just needed to find someone agreeable to marry fast and make kids before you died at 40. Thank you for bringing these concepts to the awareness of those who have ears to hear them.

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Enjoy hearing your talks. They have an energetic projection that provides food for thought that often highlights the day for me. Thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge.

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MotherWEFFERS really are screwed, wanna how we know this? Lloyd's of London withdrew from the UN backed climate alliance. Put that in your pipe Klaus and blow it out your butt. John Kerry too.

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In the lovely state of New Mexico rival motorcycle gangs, the Water Dogs and Banditos celebrated Memorial Day by having a shootout and managed to reduce their membership by a few souls and send half a dozen to area hospitals. This morning another member got knocked off as the rivalry continues. The media reported there are currently 300 motorcycle gangs in America yet apparently nobody is keeping tabs on how many kill each other yearly .

I do not know if Hollywood via Marlon Brando fostered the black leather jacket cult or if it is a carry over of the old cowboy gangs that arose after the Civil War., looting & plundering for sport.

At any rate, in my opinion, people have become dumb and dumber in this country as they continue to emulate the practice of violence as a way of life and it continues to be promoted via television, TikTok and the movie industry. Planned parenthood made it fairly easy to kill the unborn and Democrats promote infanticide. Perhaps boycotting Bud & Target can set the stage for humans to protest the death cult the KM has woven into entertainment, medicine and politics. We have to make an effort to learn to say no and stop pitting up with all their B S.

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I grew up watching Westerns every

Saturday morning in the 1950's-- Hopalong Cassidy, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, and later, the occasional episode of Gunsmoke, Rawhide, etc. They were entertaining and I even had a cowboy outfit when I was five. This weekend in honor of the holiday, cable companies played Clint Eastwood movies as well as a number of other shoot'em up classics. What is different about them from the rather innocent 1950's ones is the degree of violence and body count. There are countless war movies as the govt uses them for propaganda, likewise cop shows. Murder is big in the entertainment business. Yellowstone is a recent example of murder glorification. A six year old boy brought a gun to school and shot his teacher and the mother was charged for the crime but it should be the media that should stand trial. We live in a Nazi death cult. Memorial Day is another celebration of death, War and propaganda. Most soldiers who died in battle were cannon fodder for the elites war machine. War stimulates rebuilding, provides stimulus for medicine and enriches the military industrial complex. In order to make people rally behind the troops you have to give them a desire for war and a taste for blood.

And I think a big contributor to the current mental apathy is the availability of super charged marijuana to fry people"s brains far more effectively than firewater.

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great ideas clif - imo, as we move through the field in universe in this cylce approaching the silver age, or as the field move over planet earth, my guess is that the human dna will be pick up these changes and respond by transforming itself and evolving the human - living longer, more intelligent and having esp. I can also see that going from gold to iron will result in a regression of the human where these traits will be lost. I strongly advise that people look into the 2010 paper by Luc Montigeur who manipulated dna strands with low frequency magnetic pulses (which happen to be in schumman frequency). Also in the 2010 paper LM goes onto describe how he shields his experiments from earths magnetic waves using mu metal (high nickle alloy).

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Could the dangerously low CO2, at under 400ppm, correlate to dropping IQ's?? Afterall, Optimum CO2 is 2000ppm, and CO2 & Oxygen have a symbiotic relationship. Dangerously low CO2 equals low oxygen!! If it's true that species are dying out, low CO2 could correlate with that too, as nature's food supply isn't nearly as plentiful as it would be at optimal CO2! Greenhouse growers pump CO2 into their greenhouses to get higher yields. Why would they need to do that if CO2 levels were as high as nature intended them to be?? the WEF has huge CO2 sucking machines running, which are pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere and into storage tanks underground!? Are they stealing CO2 for their underground cities in order to grow food?? I can't believe those liars have been able to convince a whole new generation that CO2 is a "poison", when it's the primary pillar of LIFE!!

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been thinking about the trans agenda - it might be that KM are bending the truth about the cycle for their own agenda. my opinion on the matter is that it could be - it could be that KM are trying to tip toe humanity into accepting open human experimentation as an acceptable practice ....very much what the clot shot was about..injection of stem cells from murdered babies...and now implanting chips into brains of living humans.

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US Carnival ride.

Describes "the rising and falling, relative to the plate."

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Thank you for illuminating us to the bigger truths. The violence theme is often played out in sports where young men are often injured for life in football and ice hockey. The fans love a pile up of bodies on the field and there is nothing like a couple of players knocking each other out on the ice with their hockey sticks.

As a first grader I remember playing crack the whip in the school yard and flying off to hit my head on the broken, crumbling concrete. If it wasn't the 1950s, I am sure the school would have been sued .It resulted in a concussion and temporary memory loss and may have contributed to crippling migraines that started when I was twelve. Hard to grow up unscathed in this culture...

My father taught my brother and I to box when we were kids and later we went on to study aikido. It was a very healthy way to channel our energy. We road bikes, went swimming in Lake Michigan every summer and I played tennis and ice skated at frozen ponds. I wonder how many kids today have an opportunity to play & exercise until they drop instead of doing computer games, having cell phone addiction and lots of pent up energy with no place to go. There is nothing like the endorphin rush of engaging in a rigorous exercise that doesn't involve beating up another human.

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Fascinating, have had similar thoughts regarding the great year cycles. Something tells me that last part you mentioned about being able to store the energies from the galactic center may have been tried before here on earth. The great pyramid in Giza may have been constructed for that very purpose.

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Wheres the whiteboard when you need it? Thanks Clif_ your work is valued

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My question is about the intelligent life living closer to the center of the galaxy. Would these beings be living in what the Buddhists called the Sambhogakaya Realms, or the Dharmakaya Realms, and what other traditions might call the heavenly realms?

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This correlates with and explains the persistent changes in “fundamental” constants and their measurement. Metrology.

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Hi Clif, as an avid follower of your work, I would love to hear your take on the hypothesis below.

The end of the world! Actually, the World will still be here and after some turmoil will carry on as usual minus 95% of humanity.

In the late 1940's the US military undertook a series of studies which culminated with a report that made all participants gasp with shock, of course, the report was never made public, however, a version was published by Charles Hapgood with many of the facts skewed which more or less debunked the findings. Fast-forward to the early 60s and a man by the name of Chan Thomas wrote a book called "The Adam and Eve Story" except this time the facts and information were not skewed as they were in the first, and upon publication the book was promptly redacted by the CIA! The first book which skewed and misled written by Charles Hapgood had a forward by Albert Einstein who spent the remaining years of his life looking for the mechanism that would unlock the Earth's crust from the mantle, but he never found it, unfortunately, the book wasn't published until after Einstein's death, and he never lived to see the book which totally misleads and misdirects!

However, now with evidence from anonymous NASA and climate scientists and Earth's tumultuous history, a horrific picture emerges which tells of a reoccurring disaster of, literally, Earth-shattering proportions! It explains the anomalous ruins scattered across the globe and shows how magnificent civilizations like Mu and Atlantis met their demise, It's the story of Earth's 230 million-year journey around our Galaxy and how at various points on that journey the Earth is subjected to a total cleansing/rebirth (you choose). Every 12,000 years the Earth passes through a Galactic electromagnetic wave which affects our Sun and causes what is known as a Micronova, this is driven ultimately by the accretion of dust (think of an electrostatic duster wiped across a dusty surface) which has been pushed out along the wave from the galactic centre, over time this builds to form a semi-hardened crust which at a certain point is blown off. As you can imagine none of the planets within our solar system can escape this and the innermost planets i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars suffer the most, it's preceded by the weakening of the Solar System's magnetic field which is already happening. The Sun's Micronova is the key that unlocks the crust when this enormous electromagnetic force hits the Earth and disrupts the bonds that hold it all in place, and that is when the Chan Thomas version of events comes into play (see "The Adam and Eve Story"). Can you survive this? Some can and will, but preparations need to be made now. And who knows, perhaps that's why certain governments are building underground bases at an alarming rate. Unfortunately for those in them, they won't survive the following deluge.

When will this happen? The consensus is 2030 to 2040.

Here are the main steps outlined in chilling detail:-

Step 1

Owing to the accretion of massive amounts of galactic dust as we pass through what scientists are calling the galactic wave, our sun reaches critical mass. It blows away this accretion, sending huge amounts of molten debris in all directions, many of which will hit the earth.

Step 2

Debris (meteorites) some the size of a building pummel the earth

Step 3

A tremendous electromagnetic pulse hits the earth, unlocking the crust from the mantle (thereby solving one of the last problems Einstein struggled with before his death)

Step 4

Having unlocked the crustal plates are now free to move which they do, forcing all the oceans to move in the opposite direction! Picture a three-mile-high tsunami rampaging across the land ( for an idea of the aftermath, have a look at the "Eye of the Sahara")

Step 5

"The Slosh-Back" is what they are calling it, as the oceans rush back into their oceanic depressions

Step 6

Those unlucky enough to be left alive crawl from their shelter and survey what's left of their civilization, much the same, I imagine, as did those survivors from MU and Atlantis! On the bright side, all of those so-called leaders, politicians, the WEF, the WHO and all their hangers-on who rushed into the underground bases they have been building using money stolen from us are gone! Ground to paste under the unbelievable forces unleashed when the crust moved and the sun stayed still in the sky for a week. As the months and years pass, those unlucky souls left to pick up the pieces gradually bring back civilization and all that happened slowly becomes history and then legend and eventually........................... A conspiracy theory!

Luckily, as mentioned above, far greater minds than mine have been hard at work anonymously for many years finding pieces of the vast jigsaw puzzle that is the hidden history of our planet.

Feel free to ask for evidence and as many questions as you can think of (they have already been asked and answered) here:-

The Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel has "all" of the accumulated evidence and is available below in the Disaster playlist.


EDIT: this video has just been released, it's a synopsis of the above:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j635Cv2aOlA&t=11s

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