Nicely done. It is so nice to know of other people who comprehend we've been invaded and held captive- for a time.

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Keep feeding us ammunition. You have my heartfelt gratitude Clif.

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Clif High is a Patriot Warrior…Thank You Sir…

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Very clever postulating, Clif!

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Space aliens came 80k years ago. They ‘fell’ from a higher, less material frequency which corrupted some of them(1/3?).

They built up earth with their tech grid(pyramids) using the earth’s crystals to power their world.

Some of the aliens subdued the natives and warred with their fellow aliens until finally sinking Atlantis.

About 1000 years ago, the good aliens had had enough and slapped a dome over 1/4 of the flat part of the upper earth and locked the bad boys inside with their slaves. Ruling in hell worked for them so they started hiding tech from the humans and carrying on with their human sacrifices until some real bad-boys got wind of what was going on and whispered promises of power in the leaders ears until they’d been taken over.

Now the Tall Grey parasites were in charge of the dome and wanted to subdue the humans into total slavery.

200 years ago the parasites hit the dome with a frequency weapon that liquefied the ground swallowing up most of the humans and sinking the old buildings. 1812 was when I believe this weapon was used. New Madrid earthquakes are an example. War was fought all over the world at this time.

Now, with empty cities, the underground incubators went into overdrive to make humans with only 2 strands with the other 10 shut down so they could never rebel or even know they were slaves. World’s fairs were held around the world as training schools for mind-wiped humans who were given babies brought up from underground.

One more reset with the injections would take away even out will power to resist and the dome would hold a low frequency group of controllers and their slaves while the rest of the world outside ascended—unless it couldn’t with the cancer under the dome.

Is this why we’re getting help now?

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"""This model has been developed for an entertainment product line."""

LOL! You big fibber.

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The great seeker of Truth and philosopher seeker of wisdom, Emmanuel swedenborg wrote a basic understanding of the three universals of hell which are the love of self which is the love of Dominion and the love of the world which is the love of possessing and the love of a filthy marriages and compacts and conspiracies if this is not understood that behind all human nature which hasn't changed and history was just yesterday we can see that no change will occur for those who are under the universals of hell. It is only those who seek true knowledge and follow its wisdom that there is any hope for them and their contribution to the world around them love what you're doing stay steady pray for your health would stay up sound mind thank you for what you do

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Thanks, Clif. You've been a ray of hope and good sense through this whole mess. I look forward to all of your videos and newsletters.

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once you "know" that knowledge cannot be undone. Unless they have 100% control, they have no control. We know. Ultimately, they are doomed to failure. We will soon come to enjoy our rightful place as equals. in all of Universe.

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The Grand Egregore!

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One thing that gives cult members advantage is their ability to smell human emotion. Another one is their insect-like nature. They function like social insects. Another one is their ability to imitate normal human being. They are exceptionally good infiltrators.

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I have seen MBP first hand, feces smeared on IV lines, heart monitors ignored=dead baby, etc... This is no joke, the culprit even appeared thousands of miles away with a new baby, starting the process over again. That time, I gave warning, I don't know if it helped. Culprit disappeared off my awareness shortly after that. Yes, you can be in danger by showing your awareness. Take steps carefully, cult will savage you at any opportunity.

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Clif - do one on how to get rid of the cult!

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High Clif,

I stumbled upon a late 1930s kollywood movie that captures entire scenarios between the bug vs Humanity. I realize that movie was produced to inform the public the nature of time to come. People in kollywood movie industry at that time were honest and straight from their heart.

The scenarios described in the movie are:

1. bugs adopting beautiful seducing woman forms,

2. bugs hijacking of media(both film and news) industry for mass psyops on Humans, it starts with most influential people in society, like kings - khazarian style,

3. the SOC that raises to counter the bug,

4. the bug's ability to jack into human hosts,

bug's khazarian style name stealers, human shape shifting or certain particular human form for a certain moment of time to conduct mass pysops,

5. human organ stealing and preserving,

bug's child trafficking, grooming them to make these children as bug's future human host,

6. Natural psychedelics herbs for remote viewing,

7. Bright Occult(god for humanity/life of earth) and Dark Occults(destructive, power grabbing, deals with all lower emotions),

8. how a hero from SOC community raises to occasion, pins down the entire plan of bugs and eliminates them.

9. SOC's Rescue of children groomed and maintained by bugs,

10. How bugs are eliminated and human order of governance is restored

and so on

11. and many more


Movie name - Maya Kuthirai மாய குதிரை meaning the magical horse.

This movie set describes how ancient India was and it's rich advanced human culture. Bug part of the story comes really after the interval section towards the end of the movie, after several twist and turns in movie plot. Since it is old movie in world most oldest language - Tamil, it has no english translations.

Here is movie link:


Please know that this movie was take in World's second most oldest "incorporated" city after London, i.e Madras in South India- today it is called Chennai. This is a place that busted the child trafficking network of Khazarians mafia in 1850s that included great grand father of current Biden, who later turned for good after knowing that he will be caught.

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Because I'm one of the few remaining humans who refuse to carry a microwave-emitting surveillance device, I have not been able to create an account for use with ChatGPT. However if I was able to use it, I would like to ask it to prepare a paper giving advice on foreign policy to the current president and to base that advice on the writings of Samuel Adams, and the farewell speeches of the first seven US presidents. That would be my first test of the platform. Sadly I will not be able to participate because I do not intend to ever voluntarily acquire or use the aforementioned dangerous device.

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