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Serving written notice to legislatures is a sound legal move, and if many do it it will have impact. These people need to be put on notice. Actions will ultimately follow if notice is ignored.

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Cliff, you should talk to David Myrland, he's in WA too. He's a legend. Deals with law stuff.

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May I use your newsletter for state of Idaho, Clif? A few edits but excellent!

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Kudos Cliff! It would appear our WA Legislators may fail to grasp other than monosyllabic mutterings & tyrannical mandates. Living in Klickitat County we appreciate an adamant Constitutional Sheriff, Bob Songer, who has irked Inslee et al putting himself, & us, as targets. Songer enforces only that which is lawful & Constitutionally sound, no mandates. My goal is to help effect change locally when possible.

As a novice Rustic Bread maker, am unable to create the open crust variety.

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You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Go ahead and try, I'll give you all the credit for trying to treat them as humans by offering the information. IMO the likelihood of the average politician/handler/political minion listening to any of this is near zero. Maybe I'm totally wrong. I have little hope that anything will change even if a meteor struck DC and killed everyone tomorrow.

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Very good. Written to also trigger their emotions, it seems. Maybe attaching or embedding one or two attachments with true data on the C-19 vs flu vs deaths vs etc. would be good.

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An ode to Joy - reading it. - A superb, word choice in the BITC# - $LAP wake em up,.. and TICKLE em with Devolution exit strategy.

- A wordsmith in action.

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Excellent Clif!

The brighter ones will understand that their actions are being scrutinized and that they should proceed with caution…

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Excellent idea, will implement in Virginia

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Ok so we’ve got Virginia, Idaho and Washington! Other States ready to roll?

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ThanQ Clif! Truth Be Told! Winning!

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I am 75 years young and have always thought there was an underlying reason that corruption was so rampant among the “rulers: msm, demoncrats, teachers, administrators, unions, bureaucrats, woke fucktards, etc.” thanks, Kiminator

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You sir, need to come back home to the land and soil, from which you were taken at birth: http://www.annavonreitz.com/index.html

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Good luck Clif...are you attending the zoom meeting tomorrow?

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Excellent use of your talents and capabilities, Clif. Thank you for doing this and encouraging others to do the same. As Sir Edmund Burke less-famously said, "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” Doing nothing is not an option.

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My recent letter to County “leaders”:

January 11, 2022

Honorable Supervisors,

We are writing in regards to the COVID agenda item scheduled for the hearing of January 11, 2022. Please include the following concerns, questions, and recommendations in the official record.

The public remains confused with the ever-changing COVID recommendations.


Biden: There is no “federal solution” to beat COVID-19

CDC Director: “PCR tests are unreliable”

CDC Director: “Majority of COVID death are people that had 4 or more co-morbidities”

Fauci: “Quarantines can be cut to only 5 days”

The narrative seems to constantly shift after being routinely proven wrong. We recommend that the County immediately change course with regards to public mandates and recommendations for the general public. Lots of folks sick these past few weeks with the Omicron variant. We now know that the mask have almost no effect (many many studies now available) and the “vaccines” do not work as intended.

Instead of continuing to push masks and shots, please ask OUR health experts (Dr. Ansborg) for information on medications. Why is OUR approach at the County level limited to reporting the number of cases, number of deaths, and vaccination percentages. We believe that many of OUR health experts

are aligned with big pharma. For reference, we offer the following questions:

❓... how often did the government/media inform us about the importance of an adequate vitamin D blood serum level to boost your immune system?

❓... how often did they speak about the importance of nutrition to fight off pathogens and maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk to become seriously ill?

❓... to what degree did they promote being physically active, joining sports clubs and leaving the house to enjoy the sun?

❓... how often did they put Covid in relation to other diseases caused by a bad lifestyle?

❓... to what extent did the government inform us about proven medications?

Why has OUR government’s approach not wavered from “wear a mask, socially distance, get the vaccination...wear a mask, socially distance, get the vaccination...wear a mask, socially distance, get the vaccination.” The vaccinations” (gene therapies) show low benefit while causing great harm. The latest VAERs data shows over 20,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of permanent health defects as a result of the shots. It is important to note that VAERs only includes about 10% of actual numbers - so multiply the deaths and injuries by 10. Please ask OUR health experts about the harm being caused by vaccines.

We now know that EARLY TREATMENT is KEY and that there are many medications that reduce the severity and deaths caused by COVID. Please ask Dr. Ansborg about the completed studies as well as the “on-the-fly” results of using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin protocols. Both have been proven to work with great success throughout the world. Both have decades of use with little to no significant health risks. Both are very inexpensive and readily available. Not recommending these medications seems criminal given their proven success. For example:



Look to the countries of Africa, where death rates are very low. Many immunologists attribute this to their historical use of Hydroxychloroquine to fight malaria. Look to India, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc., where death rates are very low as a result of their government’s widely prescribing Ivermectin protocols.

Of key importance is OUR children - OUR most precious gift. OUR “leaders” are now targeting OUR children. Why are we injecting gene therapies into OUR children’s bodies when all studies show that COVID has little to no severe effect on young people 18 years of age and lower? We believe it is borderline criminal to push “vaccines” upon OUR younger population given that we now know that the shots are causing more physical harm than good. Unbelievable.

Please provide a robust query of OUR health experts regarding the above points and suggestions at the January 11 meeting. It is imperative to OUR public health. Do it for OUR children.

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Love this. Excellent excellent!!!

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